May 2011-May 2013

Kevin has been called to serve as a missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He has been assigned to labor in the Brazil Londrina Mission for two years and will be teaching the gospel in the Portuguese language. Kevin will not be using the internet while serving as a missionary. This site will be updated by me, his mom, as I recieve his weekly email letters and pictures. Enjoy!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Only 3 More Transfers

Hello everyone!

One more transfer passes by and it doesn’t even feel like the time is passing. I only have three more transfers, or 4 1/2 more months. I’m starting to go a little crazy here in the Londrina 3rd Ward, the members are really great and everything but the area is being difficult to find really interested people. 90% of all our investigators are people that  have moved recently into the neighborhood from another city or from the farms in the countryside, people that aren´t the old Catholics that have been living in the same houses for the past 30 years.

At the end of this transfer I will have spent 6 months in this area, and 6 months with elder P (3 one year ago and 3 now).

I like it here in Londrina, the city is really nice, I wouldn’t even mind living here, but America is way better so I won’t.

We have 3 couples that we are trying to marry, so that means 6 baptisms after about a month if everything goes right.

I´m happy and working hard,

-Elder Leete