May 2011-May 2013

Kevin has been called to serve as a missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He has been assigned to labor in the Brazil Londrina Mission for two years and will be teaching the gospel in the Portuguese language. Kevin will not be using the internet while serving as a missionary. This site will be updated by me, his mom, as I recieve his weekly email letters and pictures. Enjoy!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Really Terrible Tan Lines

Mon 11/28/2011 5:26 AM
It’s so weird to see that Thanksgiving has already passed, i didn’t realize it was Thanksgiving this Thursday until my American zone leader called me to say Happy Thanksgiving.
The weather is getting hotter and the days are getting longer here as we get more and more into summertime, I really hope I get transferred soon back to the state of P, its colder there.

We have been doing a lot of work to update all the information in the church computer system MLS for the people in the branch, and as we´ve been doing so we´ve been finding a lot of less-actives who´ve had changes in their life recently and are ready to hear the messages of the missionaries again.  Some of these people haven’t been contacted by the church in over twenty years! This is why home and visiting teaching is so important, if these good people just had somebody to remind them about and invite them to church maybe their lives could have been completely different.

How are the Wisemans doing? I’ve been meaning to write letters to everybody but whenever I sit down on P-Day to do it I end up sleeping.
Well that’s about it for me, the work is chugging along well, I’m doing well, I really know that Heavenly Father exists because he doesn’t let his poor American missionaries get sunburned, just really terrible tan lines

Elder Leete
Mon 11/28/2011 5:30 AM

O I forgot! the halelujah bugs are almost all gone, but we just might have termites in the ceiling. . .

I don’t really have a favorite cookie, as long as its made with love and in abundance
I hope you guys sent my package already! I need something to open on Natal, its like in three weeks!

Love you all!
-Elder Leete

Mon 11/28/2011 5:37 AM
"Parabéns" to all those people who I have missed their birthdays (especially that one from this week)

Mon 11/28/2011 5:47 AM
I remembered to write you about the money ive been spending these past weeks!. this is in Brazilian Real so you guys will have to do the conversion

20,12  groceries 14/11
5,98    dont remember what, probably food 14/11
4,00    more food 24/11
35,99  Showerhead 19/11

in brazil you use a comma instead of point so 20,12 is 20 real and 12 cents
the dates are day/month

most these things should be covered by the money i get from the mission office but we´ve been out because of the move so I’m waiting on getting a reimbursement, so i will keep the money and use it to buy a souvenir or keep it for a reserve or something

 -Elder Leete

Monday, November 21, 2011

Mountain of Letters and Finally Moved In!

Wow this is strange. . .  I didn't even remember that Thanksgiving is this week. Thanksgiving I don't even think is a holiday here, and the Brazilians find an excuse for everything  to have a holiday.

This week I received a mountain of letters, I got 6 from Rebecca and another 6 from the family. (Sorry Melissa I haven't been responding to your letters. . . P-day always runs out way too fast) and two packages! Thanks everybody for that reunion shirt and mom for the ties.
This past week me and Elder C finally moved into our house! It took like three days. One day to clean the house of the neighboring city where we took all the furniture, one day to clean our new empty house, and one day to do the move. But I'm happy now that we have our own house to live, the only problem now is that we still don't have beds or wardrobes to put or clothes (Sister Tavares ordered some for us we are just waiting for them to arrive)

We discovered this week too that our house has a significant amount of bugs. It's a small fly-like thing called an "halleluiah". It lives for a really short period of time and flies around light bulbs, and after a while loses its wings and drops on the floor and crawls like and ant. We have to sweep the floor like twice a day because there is so many of the dropped wings on the ground. They are coming in through the ceiling so we are going to buy like caulk or tape and try to seal up all the holes. I hope it works.

That's about it for my week, since we have our house now in the city we are going to try to proselyte in a different part of the city, all of our investigators are slackers and don't go to church so we have to find some new ones.

Love you all, you are always in my prayers. Keep going forward in the faith. I know that Jesus Christ is our savior and redeemer and that the Book of Mormon is the word of God

com amor,
-Elder Leete
Greenall Reunion T-shirt

Study Room of  New House

Two Bedrooms.  One for us. . .

. . .and one for our suitcases.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Life in the Middle of Nowhere

Life here in the middle of nowhere is going along good. We have been teaching a lot in the ghetto because they listen to us but then don't go to church because they have a mountain of problems, so we are going to try to teach in a slightly better off part of the city, I hope they don't turn all prideful on us.

Don't have a house yet, it was for us to get the keys on Tuesday but it turns out its a holiday so the real estate place will not be open. and we are going to have to rent a truck to carry all the furniture over from another city so i can already tell thats going to be a big mess so i think me and elder c are just going to bring our suitcases one by one on the bus with us and maybe our mattresses too and sleep on the floor for a little while longer.

I got a ton of letters and another packet last week during all the transfers, but they are all with the zone leaders so i wont get them until tomorrow for district meeting. its ben like 5 weeks since ive gotten letters so im excited.

Love you all, everything's going along well here. I'm keeping everybody in my prayers especially y´alls health.


-Elder Leete

Monday, November 7, 2011

No Halloween in Brazil

its weird to see the holidays pass by without doing anything to commemorate them, there isnt a Halloween in brazil

this is the end of another transfer and i learned that me and elder C are going to stay here in p for another. i really hope that we can finally rent that house that we found.

the real estate place is being really annoying, we already won the bid on the house and stuff its just that they have made us redo the paperwork like three times. they finally sent it off to Londrina to get signed by President Tavares so i hope that we can move in this week.

the time is moving by so fast and we do the same things every day so i really dont have anything to say. the work is going forward, and we´ve met some really great people here that i think will get baptized in this coming transfer.

glad to see everybody is doing well i love you all, im going to try to upload some more pictures

-Elder Leete
Me and Elder C

My district here in  P