May 2011-May 2013

Kevin has been called to serve as a missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He has been assigned to labor in the Brazil Londrina Mission for two years and will be teaching the gospel in the Portuguese language. Kevin will not be using the internet while serving as a missionary. This site will be updated by me, his mom, as I recieve his weekly email letters and pictures. Enjoy!

Monday, February 6, 2012

New Companion, Pray for Luciana

(Dad wants to go thru and edit some of the pictures before I post them for the world to see.)
Hahah what pictures does dad want to edit? My companions are just that ugly?

Just kidding.

Yeah you should definitely print them all up and put them in a scrapbook or something. Haha I know that you probably will love showing everybody that comes to the house how wonderful of a missionary I am.

Sounds like everybody is having fun! I’m jealous that you guys can go to the symphony.

My new companion is Elder P, he´s from Arizona. He´s a really chill, tall, white guy.  He speaks well already but just really slowly so we are working on that.

This week was a little annoying, I got pink eye in both of my eyes so they were all swollen up and my face felt like somebody hit it with a baseball bat. But that’s okay, it’s just now that my throat is really swollen up. ..  I think it’s an allergic reaction to the eye drops I’m taking or something.

But other than that we're going great! We have a woman named L that wants to be baptized this Sunday but she is having a hard time stopping smoking. If you guys could pray for her that would be great.

I’m out of time again! Had to show the newbie how to send in reports and stuff.

até mais!
-Elder Leete

Me and Elder P, one of our investigators named her puppies after us.

Me and Elder P